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We offer a single membership across all EvD Media sites. There’s always our huge and growing library of cadjunkie tutorials, but we think there’s more to great training than tutorials! We offer three types of membership to suit your specific needs.



Access the vast majority of our video library for modo, SolidWorks, and Rhino, including popular short series like the Classical Guitar and ArchViz series. Bulk and student pricing available.




cadjunkie Professional training courses are the fastest way to get your team from novice to ninja. Browse hundreds of Pro-only videos, and have direct access to Adam when you need him most. Bulk and student pricing available.




Pro+ membership provides serious professionals with the best of both classroom and video training: video learning at your own pace, plus live 1:1 attention via Skype.


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EvD Free

Free membership gives you access to hundreds of free cadjunkie videos, plus access to forums and comments.


[cadjunkie] inspired me to experiment and try new things on my own. Learning should be an interesting and fun experience. This is definitely the case…

-Student (Film/Entertainment)

“It’s hard to watch many other tutorials because they can’t compare to the quality of the videos on cadjunkie.”

-designer, consumer products

“I can honestly say that I have learned more from this site than any other I have subscribed to for a great deal more money.”

-engineer, industrial/manufacturing

“Unlike many tutorial sites cadjunkie shows real world useful content every designer needs to know. No waffle. No nonsense.”

-designer, consumer products

“Great learning resource. Adam is methodical and a natural teacher. I recommend cadjunkie to all my students.”

-deisgner, consumer products

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Pick a flavor. No matter which one looks right for you, we pride ourselves on the best customer-service in the industry. Questions about joining? Check our membership FAQ, or email us.


special promos and discounts
access forums and comments
access Free tutorial videos
access Premium tutorials
special Premium-only promos and discounts*
Premium webinars with industry pro’s*
Premium ‘kits’ and productivity tools*
prioritized video requests
access Professional training courses
work under NDA
video-specific help desk support
1:1 Skype Q&A sessions with Adam
Red Phone emergency project consultation
top-priority video requests

*coming soon!

access Premium tutorials

Our Premium tutorial videos are some of the best in the business, and we have hundreds of ‘em! We take the time to carefully plan tutorials so that they’re dense and action-packed, chock-full of professional-grade tips and tricks. We only teach the software that we use professionally ourselves, and the techniques we teach are the ones we use in our professional practice.

Prioritized Requests

We love to answer your questions, which is why over half of all cadjunkie videos are by request of community members. We get asked a lot of questions though, so we put our paying members at the top of the list. If you have a question or a topic you’d like to see addressed on cadjunkie, just put in a help desk ticket, and we’ll get to it as soon as we can.

Professional training courses

We think that ‘tutorials’ and ‘training’ are two very different things. Our Premium membership offers a range of some of the best tutorials on the net on a huge variety of topics. But for full end-to-end training, our Professional courses offer a continuous learning experience to take you from novice to ninja as efficiently as possible.

work under NDA

We know that privacy is critical to your business, which is why our Professional membership includes an option to sign an approved Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Now you can ask direct questions about real-world projects with peace of mind. For more information, put in a help desk ticket.

video-specific Help Desk support

Generally we like for questions related to videos to be posted as comments on the video page so everyone can share the benefit of the answer. But sometimes there are questions better asked offline, and for our Professional members, you can now create a help desk ticket for those kinds of questions.

Skype Q&A

The whole idea behind Professional Plus membership was to combine the best of video training with the best of a live classroom, and one big advantage of any good real-world course is direct, 1:1 interaction with an instructor. All of our Professional Plus members are guaranteed at least 15 x 15 minute Skype sessions with Adam per year to ask questions, talk shop, or shoot the breeze. It’s your time!

Red Phone support

When you’re working on a project, you don’t have time to let software glitches stand between you and your deadlines. Professional Plus members have what we call ‘red phone’ support for your own projects: if you have a question, we’ll do our best to answer it as quickly and directly as possible–even if it has nothing to do with cadjunkie videos. To ask a question, put in a help desk ticket, and we’ll respond within 24 hours. If it’s difficult to explain, we may even do an impromptu Skype session to clear things up.

Top-Priority Requests

The whole point of our Professional Plus membership is that it combines the best things about video and classroom training. In a classroom, you can ask the instructor, and get an immediate and direct answer (hopefully!). That’s why we make sure to create videos for our Professional Plus member’s questions right away. To request a video, put in a help desk ticket, and we’ll take care of it.

Bulk Pricing

Bulk pricing is available for businesses and educational institutions. Sub-users can be added or removed at-will by a single administrator. For more information on bulk pricing, email sales@cadjunkie.com

Student Pricing

We offer a 50% discount to college students, and a 100% discount (free!) to high schools and high school students. We operate on the honor system: if you’re not a student, this discount is not for you. If you are, email sales@evd1.tv for a coupon code.

Unemployment Discount

We offer a 50% discount to the currently-unemployed. If you’re currently employed, this discount is not for you. By accepting this discount you agree to re-subscribe at full price when you’re able to find work. Email sales@evd1.tv for a coupon code.